The goal for our students at WGCS is for them to have an active relationship with Jesus Christ and to be in the center of His will! It is with this goal in mind, that we prepare our students to do whatever the Lord has planned for them. We want our students to have the necessary tools that they will need to begin the next chapter of their life whether that be college, the military, trade-school, or joining the workforce. We meet and often exceed the necessary academic requirements from the state of Florida for high school graduation. Using the Abeka curriculum, our teachers give their students a first-class education with a lot of practical application. High school students will not only enjoy a rigorous academic program, but will also have the opportunity to participate in our athletic and fine arts programs, both of which have been awarded at the state and national levels! Students also have opportunities to serve in the community, take AP classes, and advance their computer skills: all of which are designed to prepare them to advance to the next level both academically and spiritually!
"I would say one of the joys of teaching in high school is the lasting relationships you get to make. Since classes switch every hour it's a larger group of students you get to impact each day. Teenagers are witty, passionate, and unpredictable! They keep class challenging yet exciting. Each day is a new adventure!"
Ashley Hines
English Teacher
“Math is the medium I use to teach students about an awesome God.”
Daniel Muriel
Math Teacher
"Someone once said, that "every man is the father of every child but it's only true if you believe it." I believe it, I teach it, and I try to live it. It is a privilege to be involved in education from a Christian perspective and to train young people for eternity. The main goal is for the the students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then go forth to serve Him and others."
Merv Uhl
History Teacher
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