Athletics are a vital part of a student’s training; however, sports are not the only emphasis. To give our students the opportunity to compete in a Christian environment, we are members of the FCAA (Florida Christian Activities Association).


FCAA Philosophy:

1. The ultimate goal of the FCAA is to please God rather than man.

2. Unfortunately, fundamental Christians are divided on a number of issues. Among these issues are dress standards, music standards, and Bible versions.

3. We believe that the best way to foster competitive activities among Christian schools is to maintain high standards in all areas.

4. When the modern Christian school movement began in the 1960s, conservative Christians emphasized modesty, traditional music, and the King James Version of the Bible.

5. The chief purpose of the FCAA is to maintain these standards and values.

6. While all schools desiring membership in the FCAA are not required to agree with these standards, they are expected to respect them and abide by them whenever teams meet for competition.

7. Each school desiring membership in the FCAA should be led by a man, preferably a pastor, who exercises spiritual authority over the organization.