West Gate’s Extended School Day is offered to all of those who are enrolled in the Christian School. The convenient thing about the Extended School Day is that it is on the same property as the school, and the students will still be with other students that they know from school. Since the ESD is offered to kids from grades K-3 to 12th grade, they also get to make new friends from other grades. ESD is not as structured as the classroom but instead is more of a contained free-play time. ESD starts off with snack time which gives the students an opportunity to eat any snack that was packed for them or left over from lunch. Throughout the time of ESD, the students will have the opportunity to go outside and let out their energy, do any homework that is needed for the next day, play with the inside toys provided by the school, and even do arts and crafts to take home. There are numerous outside games offered to them and even more games to play inside. Keeping Christ first is what West Gate is all about and the Extended School Day is expected of nothing less. Each student is seen as a blessing and as long as they are in ESD, they will still receive the Biblical influence that they receive in the school. It is not only a time of fun and laughter, but it is a time of building relationships with other students and making memories that will last forever!

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