After losing to the Ruskin Warriors at the beginning of the season, the Patriots were determined to win the next game against this rival team. The Patriots practiced so hard to be prepared for this upcoming game against Ruskin. The volleyball team even played Sunday night after church against the alumni. If West Gate could pull this win off, it would mean so much! The night everyone had been waiting for finally came. It was Monday, October 3, 2016 that would be the highlight of West Gate’s season. The first set was great. West Gate beat Ruskin 25-19. In games past, West Gate had always won the first set, but lose the other ones. The next set was intense and the crowd was just as involved as the players. After many good volleys, West Gate beat Ruskin in the second set 25-22. It was now time to finish them off and win the 3rd set. Unfortunately, they barely scraped by with a win of 25-23. Even though the Patriots lost that one set, it did not phase them at all. They were ready to get out and play and finally beat this team! The last set was the best. Both teams fought so hard! Everything went just right for West Gate. They beat Ruskin 25-16 for the first time in years! It was the best game that the volleyball has had in years! We cannot wait to see what the future hold for this volleyball team!

Spirit Week Winners

Day 1 – Nerd Day
Elementary – 1st/2nd Grade
High School – 7th/8th Grade
Day 2 – Class Theme Day
Elementary –
High School –
Day 3 – Jersey Day
Elementary –
High School –
Day 4 – Red/White/Blue Day
Elementary –
High School –

WGCS Patriots football take the first win of the season.

On Monday September 12 the West Gate Patriots won 38-12 against Freedom Academy Statesmen.

Nick Mbianda- Breaking ankles and spirits

History was made on September 12, 2016 when Nick Mbianda became the first fifth grader to start on the West Gate Varsity Flag Football team. Being a starter was a big accomplishment for this little 5’1″ player, but that was just the beginning of what he was going to prove. Scoring one touchdown obviously wasn’t enough for him because several plays later he showed why he deserves to be a starter. The game already had a lot of tension. Thinking that they just had to defend the tall kids and the older kids, the Statesmen left Nick wide open, When West Gate QB Gustavo threw the ball, it looked as if it were intended to go to another West Gate player, but out of nowhere Nick Mbianda jumps up and catches the ball. The crowd started going crazy! After juking several opposing players, the best was yet to come. As he was about to enter the end zone, he juked a senior and almost broke his ankles! Nick made it to the endzone, but right as he entered the endzone, the angry senior lunges forward and tackles the fifth grader Nick! Even though he was hurt after that play, Nick showed everyone why he was a starter as a fifth grader. We can’t wait to see how much better this young football star will become. The best is yet to come!

Bump, Set, Spike It That’s the Way We Like It.

The Lady Patriots have had an amazing season so far they have won both of their games leaving them undefeated. Between Hannah Pirt and Yasemin Ferguson’s spiking and Tiffani Easterday’s tipping the opponents do not stand a chance against us.

A KILLER Week for the Lady Patriots…

Our Lady Patriots have been killing it on the court this week-LITERALLY!
Our players love to surprise the other teams with tips and spikes, but one team was especially surprised this week when three of their players took hits to the face and chest!
When senior setter Alexis Fick unexpectedly tipped the volleyball to the opposing side, Community’s #20 couldn’t set up fast enough, so instead of hitting the ball, her FACE took a hit!
They obviously didn’t learn their lesson, though, when Alexis piped the ball right into #4’s face! 
But, with tears and fear in their eyes, the Community volleyball players plowed on…
Until star player Yasemin Ferguson stepped into position 4, where she spiked the ball right into #35’s stomach, knocking the breath right out of her! She couldn’t hold back the tears, but seeing as they didn’t have many strong subs, she had to keep going.
Needless to say, Thursday night’s game was KILLER in more ways than one! Go Lady Patriots!!!

From East to West, the Patriots are the Best

The ladies volleyball team are undefeated!! They have played a GREAT two games so far and are super excited for more competitive games. The games have been rather easy so far so its been a bit boring for us, but it also has been a great time for us to work on perfecting our skills. Yasemin Ferguson, in both games, has dominated with her spikes! And Alexis Fick as creamed the other team with her unexpected tips. These first two games has really helped us out a lot and we are really excited to see what the rest of the season has in-store for us!

Sample Post

The One Comfy Chair
By: Hyundoe Kim
Twas an afternoon in the Computer Lab at West Gate Christian School
Gathered a group of upperclassmen that knew what it took to be cool.
They sat in their chairs, leaning back with all their might
To find out that the springs were giving them a fight.
A mighty hero rose from the ashes to find the one that bent
Only to find that the teacher’s was the only one that went.
Backwards, further and further as the teacher sat with all comfort
The hero falls in failure and shame with his face down in the dirt.