What ages and grades do you serve?
We accept students from 3 year-olds through twelfth grade. Admission requires all parents to schedule an appointment with the school principal.  Our school is divided into four divisions: Preschool/Kindergarten – K-3 through K-5; Elementary – first through sixth grade; Junior High School – seventh and eighth grade; and High School – ninth through twelfth grade. Information is also available for After School Care in the school office.
How often do students receive religious instruction?
The Bible is the focal point of our curriculum. Teaching the principles of God’s Word permeates daily instruction in all subjects. Bible class is held every day for all students. Students will attend a chapel service at least one day each week. The chapel program includes singing Bible songs, a lesson from God’s Word, and many guest speakers.


What curriculum do you use?
We use textbooks from A Beka Book.  Textbooks are selected for consistency with God’s Word, academic integrity, and usefulness to our programs and students.
Does the school have an athletic program?
Elementary classes currently participate in kickball and soccer through the GROW program offered by West Gate Baptist Church. TheJunior High and High School compete in basketball, flag-football, and volleyball against various Christian schools from the Tampa Bay area.
When does the school year begin and end?
The school term begins approximately the middle of August and ends the last week of May.
Do students bring their lunch or can they buy lunch at school?
Students may bring their lunch or purchase from the school.
Are uniforms required for students?
Students do wear uniforms every day to school. Uniforms are purchased through FrenchToast.com. For special occasions, however, such as field trips, school programs, school pictures, exceptions are made, but an institutional dress code is followed. Parents will be notified of the change. The type of daily uniform varies by grade level. With the uniform, a school dress code including hair length, dress length, permitted accessories, and type of dress is required of all divisions. Detailed information regarding school dress code is included in the student handbook.
Is transportation available?
West Gate Christian School does not provide transportation to and from school. However, transportation is provided for the athletic teams, class field trips, and special group activities.
Are West Gate Christian teachers certified?
The West Gate Christian School faculty members are credentialed in their fields, holding teaching degrees from colleges around the country and teaching certificates from the Sunshine State Association of Christian Schools.
Are standardized tests used?
West Gate Christian School utilizes the IOWA Achievement Test and the CogAT, which provides the parent important information to visualize the progress of their student. Testing is held each spring.
Are field trips taken throughout the year?
A number of educational and “fun” field trips are taken throughout the course of the school term. The trips are organized to teach educational goals and provide a wider horizon for each student.
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