Expand your five-year-olds’ natural curiosity and excitement for learning through interesting and engaging lessons. Walk students through Genesis and the life of Christ in Bible time. Building upon an early foundation in phonics, your students will learn to read one- and two-vowel word stories, as well as stories with more difficult phonics special sounds. Your students’ reading comprehension develops as you hold them accountable for what they read through comprehension questions. Your kindergartners will develop eye-hand coordination as they learn to write individual letters, then consonant-vowel blends, then sentences. Through a dedicated numbers time, students learn to count, recognize, and understand number concepts to 100. And how exciting for them to learn number combinations families 1-10! Pique their curiosity to learn new things in social studies and science. Vocabulary, language, and cognitive skills, as well as character and social development, complete this popular kindergarten program through language enrichment, music, art and skill development time.
Our Kindergarten year is concluded with a Kindergarten Program and Graduation. This is a special time for our students to show their family and friends all that they have learned throughout their year at West Gate Christian School. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please contact the school office at (813) 884-5147.