The elementary programs at WGCS are designed to blend a solid Christian education with a lot of fun!  Students will be taught by trained, loving teachers who not only are qualified to lead in the classroom, but are also passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ!  Using the Abeka curriculum, our teachers will present all of the core subjects from a Biblical perspective, and at the same time, give students the opportunity for a lot of hands-on learning!  Along with classroom instruction, our elementary students will have music classes, art, and the chance to be involved in our athletic and fine arts programs. 
Field trips, on-campus activities, and interviews with guest speakers all combine to make the elementary years at WGCS a memorable experience!
"Nothing beats teaching in the Elementary at West Gate Christian School. The kids are at a pivotal age where they need support mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Spending 8 hours a day with them gives me the opportunity to mentor, disciple, and guide the kids to a life that honors and pleases God. Building relationships with the kids is crucial to discipling them. It’s such a rewarding ministry, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!"
Jack Stanley
5th Grade Teacher
"Teaching in the Elementary allows me to form a bond with my students that goes beyond the year we have together. I am given the opportunity to see students grow spiritually, academically, and socially each year."
Magan Ratcliff
4th Grade Teacher
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