Nick Mbianda- Breaking ankles and spirits

History was made on September 12, 2016 when Nick Mbianda became the first fifth grader to start on the West Gate Varsity Flag Football team. Being a starter was a big accomplishment for this little 5’1″ player, but that was just the beginning of what he was going to prove. Scoring one touchdown obviously wasn’t enough for him because several plays later he showed why he deserves to be a starter. The game already had a lot of tension. Thinking that they just had to defend the tall kids and the older kids, the Statesmen left Nick wide open, When West Gate QB Gustavo threw the ball, it looked as if it were intended to go to another West Gate player, but out of nowhere Nick Mbianda jumps up and catches the ball. The crowd started going crazy! After juking several opposing players, the best was yet to come. As he was about to enter the end zone, he juked a senior and almost broke his ankles! Nick made it to the endzone, but right as he entered the endzone, the angry senior lunges forward and tackles the fifth grader Nick! Even though he was hurt after that play, Nick showed everyone why he was a starter as a fifth grader. We can’t wait to see how much better this young football star will become. The best is yet to come!