A KILLER Week for the Lady Patriots…

Our Lady Patriots have been killing it on the court this week-LITERALLY!
Our players love to surprise the other teams with tips and spikes, but one team was especially surprised this week when three of their players took hits to the face and chest!
When senior setter Alexis Fick unexpectedly tipped the volleyball to the opposing side, Community’s #20 couldn’t set up fast enough, so instead of hitting the ball, her FACE took a hit!
They obviously didn’t learn their lesson, though, when Alexis piped the ball right into #4’s face! 
But, with tears and fear in their eyes, the Community volleyball players plowed on…
Until star player Yasemin Ferguson stepped into position 4, where she spiked the ball right into #35’s stomach, knocking the breath right out of her! She couldn’t hold back the tears, but seeing as they didn’t have many strong subs, she had to keep going.
Needless to say, Thursday night’s game was KILLER in more ways than one! Go Lady Patriots!!!